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Minimalist Superman poster

Trying to recreate this Superman vintage style poster I found at (artist: Michael Myers) :

Just finished watching the first four lectures, and started to recreate the poster I mentioned above.

Started out by playing around with multiple layers, which allowed me to split up the drawing into different sections and overlay schemes. Next was tracing all the lines of the actual drawing (choose a 2pt stroke in #404041 with a 90% opacity) spread over the multiple layers, all work is done with the Pen tool to get accustomed with the usage of it

Instead of uploading/including a picture of my progress within this project, I'm just going to add a link to the picture which will be hosted else where (willl try to reduce size as I'm working on a retina screen)

Photo #1 - May 15th, work in progress, tracing with the pen tool - LINK 

UPDATE - Once all tracing was done I started to fill in the different path shapes with colors to reflect the original drawing, my first version is now complete, though it lacks some textures as you can see. After this first version I will resume the video lectures, since I stopped after the fourth to produce this first version

Photo #2 - May 16th, first version with colors - LINK

UPDATE - Asked and received offcial confirmation from the artist to use his work for this exercise, as his website mentioned "Please do not reproduce without the expressed consent of Michael Myers" which I spotted already after I was working on a reproduction :)

Here's the side by side of my current work in progress:

Photo #3 - May 22th, final version with texture overlay & color tweaks - LINK

UPDATE - Finished watching the rest of the video's and made some color changes, especially the darker shape across the chest with a small overlay on the S-symbol needed some increase of color depth. Next I got myself some textures of crumbled paper and applied two of them on top of the drawing, with adjusted opacity levels and Multiply option as Transparency, which concludes my version of Michael Meyers vintange & minimalist poster of Superman.

Here's the side by side comparison of my version vs. the original :

All feedback is welcome !


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