Minimalist Closet Organization

Minimalist Closet Organization - student project

My closet was definitely a trigger area. I used to find it difficult to choose what to wear everyday. For this project, my process included packing away seasonal clothing and putting together a sell/donate pile for what I no longer wear. I'm letting go of clothes that no longer fit my personal style to make room for classic cuts and colours that can be easily mixed and matched. I'm looking forward to interacting with the secondhand community once this pandemic is under control. I still consider this to be a work in progress, but I'm happy to share my progress so far.

A more specific project within my closet includes the use of old shoeboxes. I used shoeboxes to corral similar items together, such as socks, camisoles, and small purses. In the picture below, I've gathered my small purses in an old shoebox and placed them next to a bamboo tray. The tray is where I empty my purse contents when I get home. This helps me keep track of my going-out essentials. I used a small mason jar that was missing a lid to house my chapstick and hair ties, and I used a ring box to carry my headphones. I no longer have to dig through multiple bags to find my keys or wallet or chapstick. Instead, I know exactly where these items are. 

Minimalist Closet Organization - image 1 - student project