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Jackie Laine

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Minimalist Avengers Poster

Hi everyone!

I'm working on duplicating this minimalist Avengers poster by William Henry (you can see more of his work here). I've also signed up for a color theory class, so I wanted to pick a design for this class that would lend itself well to playing with different color schemes. I think this one will be fun to recolor!

So far, I've used the pen tool to outline the skyline and blocked out the background and black ground/title rectangle. Here's that progress thus far:

UPDATE #2: Next I outlined the superheroes using the pen tool (except for Hawkeye's bow, which I drew with the line tool and the paintbrush tool). Lots of curves on these characters, I think they turned out okay! Let me know if you have any feedback:

UPDATE #3: Added the aliens and text with the pen tool (except for the "THE," which I used the text tool for). Also added the beam of light coming up from one of the buildings. I also brought the opacity of everything down to 95% to mute the colors, as in the original. Now I just need to figure out the black hole that the aliens come from, yikes!

UPDATE #4: I'm putting off dealing with the black hole, which I can't wrap my mind around for some reason. I applied a film grain effect to a 5% opacity black rectangle and overlaid the poster with it to mimic the grain on the original poster. Here's that, and my first attempt at the black hole:


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