Davin Oyesigye

Asterisk Learner



Minimalist Animation Inspired By A Movie

So, I am taking this class and I started with the first assignment, coming up with ideas from a movie

I watched this movie "Straight Outta Compton" about Rap Artists, DR. DRE, ICE CUBE AND EASY E, And 

its been on my mind since, I really wanted to Use "INTERSTELLAR" As my project, but Jake already took it 

I decided to use a new concept and use shapes and Layers to make something... Lets see how it goes!


So after a couple of days, I have finally come up with the basic shape layers I want to Animate, I didnt know how to USE ILLUSTRATOR to create these shapes, so I had to first go to another course and study Illustrator, now am ready to animte.

Will Keep posted.


Watch The Animation at https://youtu.be/qniHoTVi32c

Awesome Class


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