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Minimal Style

Hi, my name is Marcela, I live in NYC and I have a blog called Occasional Vanity where I post about interior and things that inspire me. I love the minimalist aesthetic, so you can see in my posts lots of reference to that. I hope you like my project :)

Exercise 5. The bed

I actually like an all white bed, but since our room is very bright, it doesn't hurt to put dark sheets on it. I do not have any interesting shape pillows, but I had this pillow case with a triangle on it, and a calendar where every month it displays a different shape. "New" sheet added pattern, the light and the little vase added the bling. I do not have a night stand, so I reused the document case.

Exercise 4. Style your bookshelf

This is a hard exercise, because I do not like to keep some of books exposed, especially with the ugly spine art. Some of them i put in the opposite side, in an assymetrical way to give shapes. I added bling with the vases and metal. I went to a hardware store to buy supplies for the small Industrial vases, or you can use as a candle holder. Colors came from the poster, apples, the blue vase and occasional books. Pattern occured from the magazines files. In the future, I want to cover some of my books with a white paper. Personally, I do not have lots of decoration, because I have been moving these years, so I usually avoid buying decor. I like to keep my house clean and with the necessary. I still think I have too many things. I let some spaces without stuff so the items could breath :) I hope you had enjoyed.

I used metal wire to keep the book closed.

Exercise 3. Style the sofa and the console.

3.2. Console

I think my bedroom is my favorite part of the house. It was the first place I styled when we moved (2 months ago). This is the top of my chest of drawers I have in the room. It was a bit styled as you can check in my former posts in my blog. I implemented by adding more colors, botanicals, pattern and needs.

I put some boxes where I have few jewelry, boxes always give interesting pattern and shape for me. The acne paper I use to add color and it has an interesting typography, altogether with the book. The mirror and the small glasses vases are the bling factors. The brushes and plants annex texture. The shape of the mirror and vases break the uniformity of the squared items. 

3.1 Sofa

My sofa is pretty old, we have been moving a lot those years, it has no legs (broken), which I found interesting and I am going to let like this until we decide if we are going to buy a new sofa-bed for guests. :P

This living room is pretty dark due to the bricks, and the sofa itself is already dark. So I decided to style with light textiles. I used those pines patterned baby blanket and pillow case to add some pattern. The sheepsking and off-white throw to add texture and brightness. The color comes from the deer pillow. I added some bling by doing a cord lamp at the top of the sofa. I do not have any round shaped pillows, I think the round side table, the lamp creates shapes.

Also, those mini winter shoes give life! A cute life. :)

Exercise 2. Style a coffee table.

To style a coffee table, the first thing I thought about was to put an element for kids and adults: the bettle car.  For the recycled vessel, I used a skull candle holder I had from Vancouver. Furthermore, it blings.  Needs: the books and candles for friends to feel good and entertained. The McQueen book adds a pop of colour and pattern that some people were missing. Also, to give some life, I included a puffed soccer ball and my son's favorite chair. Of course, when the child is around, we do not lit the candles :) The textures come from the flowers and carpet. The upright candle holder breaks the horizontality. 

The exercise 1:

As a minimalist style lover, it is always a challenge to find all the style principles in one photo. I found that one that fits perfectly my style and it has the 8 principles.

1- This beautiful leather daybed profits the natural light coming from the windows. Excellent place for it. Also, the 6 is a very useful coffee table, and it has shape.

2-The blue grayish photo with the frame just pops and adds a nice touch of color.

3- Plants always make any space alive and fresh.

4-Fur and throws add coziness, especially on winter days.

5- The metallic legs caught my eyes.

6- We can see lots of shapes in this styling, from the coffee table, from the vases and lamps.

7- The pattern in the rug and daybed give a special touch.

8- The placement of the beautiful books, vases, and frame at the recessed shelves are done exemplary.


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