Minimal Movie Motion - Roma

Minimal Movie Motion - Roma - student project

Minimal Movie Motion - Roma - image 1 - student project

Made a list of keywords that came into mind while watching the Film then I looked for images to have as a reference, by this moment I already know that I would like to animate a specific frame that contains different elements seen through the movie. This one scene:

Minimal Movie Motion - Roma - image 2 - student projectI'm not an Illustrator but since the assignment said minimalistic I thought I should give it a try.

Minimal Movie Motion - Roma - image 3 - student projectThis is my rough sketch in Illustrator that from this point I had a better understanding of how I should Ibe layering up my file once in After Effects.

Building a scene from shapes was an approach I have never tried before and now I can see I would use it more often in the future. It can get messy pretty fast but as long you keep labeling your layers and groups it should not be that chaotic. I really liked that every element contained in a shape layer can be modified on its own or as a whole, and my favorite Shape modifier was definitely the repeater, the steps were done so easy with it.

This is my final result:

Minimal Movie Motion - Roma - image 4 - student project


I'm still not convinced about the plane though. I couldn't figure it out how to slow down the speed without stretching the layers. I really tried to keep the gif under 10 sec but I have a feeling that once I see it with fresh eyes I will find it too fast.

Any thoughts about how to slow down the plane? Thanks for making it all the way down here. :)

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