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Minimal Hairstyle Mark

I know this course runs through designing a minimal animal mark, but I'm designing a logo for a food blog at the moment run by two sisters so thought I'd apply the tools from this course to that.

The concept we're running with is using two mirrored, stylized 'hair styles' to represent the two sisters, so I got to work on putting together a mood board of what I thought might be suitable hair styles. These are the final print offs.

Originally the idea was to use the negative space where the face would be for a stylized heart. It was a nice idea, but it became apparent pretty quickly during the sketching stage that it was going to over complicate the form. As well as just looking kinda weird.

Here are the traces from the mood board print offs.

I liked the face silhouette from the third picture on the mood board, but thought the outer hair part was too complicated. I ended up taking (roughly) the face section from that pic, plus the outer section from the second pic (again, pretty roughly).



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