Miniature Photography

I'm hoping I can add more miniature photos.  I was walking today and spotted these tiny, tiny mushrooms.  We've had heavy rain and the mushrooms and toadstools are abundant.  I'm enjoying this.  Hopefully will find more to had to my class project.


I tried to keep in mind the importance of background.   I'll be peering closer now as I go on my walks.

I didn't have to walk far to find my next shots.  It's a couple of months later and our yard is coming alive.  You have to look close, but deep down there are little surprises.  We are in a new home and the yard, at one time must have been grand.  We are seeing all kinds of little sprouts and breginnings of new growth.  First is a tiny, tiny grape hyacinth just peeking up.


Barely 2 inches tall.  Next, I was surprised to see miniature crocus popping up.  First a yellow, then a purple



I'm very grateful I found this class.  I learned several things. #1, look closely.  #2 learn your camera.  And, most importantly for me, I learned I needed a new phone.  The camera on my old phone was not very good.  This one is amazing.  I'm  using a LGV10.  I love it.  


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