Miniature Frog Sculpture

Miniature Frog Sculpture - student project

Miniature Frog Sculpture - image 1 - student projectWell, it is hard to stop once going. Here is another frog in a different stance. :)


Miniature Frog Sculpture - image 2 - student projectHere is my frog! I forgot that the translucent that I use yellows a bit when baked and I did not compensate for that. My reference picture was of a gorgeous light turquoise Haliquan Dart Frog. I had a lot of trouble with the toes - I couldn't get myself coordinated with my tools. I think I just need a lot more practice using them! Here are a couple more photos plus my reference. This was a really fun class, Stephanie! I am excited to make more frogs! Thank you for the excellent teaching - I relied heavily on it as this is only my third sculpture ever. Also, I forgot to mention that every dart frog I looked at had 4 fingers, not 3. That is why mine has 4.Miniature Frog Sculpture - image 3 - student projectMiniature Frog Sculpture - image 4 - student project

Casey Fairbairn
Never to old to learn something new