A. Noah Rodriguez-Acosta

Filmmaker + Artist



Mini Projects: Ink Shading & Ink Patterns and Textures

Ink Shading

I have actually done shading techniques with mark making before but I do believe that this is the best one I have done yet. I really liked the outcome! The difference between this one and the ones I have done before are the fact that my previous value scales weren't so explicitly explained as to what values were required so I do believe that it made a difference to know that the middle three were highlights, midtones, and shadows.


Ink Patterns & Textures

This exercise was very interesting because I had never really had to sit and draw textures-- it's always been photographs and having to actually use your hands to create them was definitely a nice experience. I did have a bit of a fluctuating creativity when it came to completing this worksheet because some instances I would have some good ideas and others I didn't know what to do and then I would have an idea again and then I didn't know what to do, etc. 


All in all, these were great exercises and I really enjoyed them! I will definitely be doing them again many many more times. Practice makes progress!!

(P.D. I'll be uploading my final project soon!)


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