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Mini Moi: Matching wearables for cool parents & babies

135-word Kickstarter blurb:

A curated pop-up shop for stylish parents and their matching babies! Available online & at Voyager in SF's Mission District.


My daughter was born a year ago. I never would have guessed how much I now love the idea of dressing the two of us alike! 

I have a hunch there are many out there like me. 

So I'm putting together a pop-up shop of beautiful pieces for fashionable parents and their matching babies (ages newborn through 6 years). The selection will be available at Voyager in San Francisco's Mission District, as well as online at fashionlovespeople.com. I'll purchase the items at wholesale, working with a few of the brands to produce exclusive items. All items are ethically made, all in North America, except the FashionABLE scarves which are made in Ethiopia.

Matching pieces, which I've lovingly discovered along the past year of having a child, include...

  • Sheepswool booties by Padraig Cottage, handmade in Vancouver 
  • Taylor Stitch bow ties, made in SF (the child-sized one a Mini Moi exclusive) 
  • FashionABLE scarves, made in Ethiopia (the child-sized one a Mini Moi exclusive)
  • Striped rompers by Rojas, made in LA 
  • Graphic legging by Thief & Bandit, handmade in Nova Scotia 
  • Suspenders by American Apparel, made in LA

These products will be my rewards! 

The pieces will be photographed in San Francisco, modeled by some of the most loving parent-baby duos I know, in a beautiful editorial style. 

Photo inspiration:

Sample products (yes, each come in both adult and child sizes... everyone loves a mini!):

A $8,000 goal would cover the cost of the products as well as retail expenses. Each amount pledged toward the goal would be equivalent to an "order" for a matching parent-and-baby set. (E.g., $40 would cover a big and small suspender set; $100 would cover a big and small sheepswool bootie set.) 

Any amount over the goal would just equal more "orders" for products, which would easily be covered. 

If the project is funded, I would place wholesale orders immediately and be able to fulfill rewards within a month or two. 

Then if I go over, I could cover any additional number of "orders" no problem.


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