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Mini-Course - Swift Optionals

My first attempt to teaching a Skillshare class will be on a topic that is very present in the Swift programming language. A lot of people struggle to really grasp the concept of optionals, but I want to change that.

Optionals are very powerful in modern programming. I want to make sure you understand what optionals are and then go into detail when they are best used. Lastly I'll provide you a demo of how to use them correctly and how to make coding with optionals secure.

A little meta: I feel like there are so many courses out there that focus on iOS development with Swift. That's why I chose to take a different approach to teaching Swift. I don't want to focus only on creating apps, but I'd much rather create mini courses about different topics like optionals, custom classes, functional programming etc. The benefit of this approach is that the courses act as a little library of topics that people could potentially need in Swift. I don't want to create yet another course on how to code an app clone. I want to provide actionable insights into different concepts that are presented in Swift so you can work on your own projects with the necessary informations at hand.

You can find the Class Outline here.

Edit: My Intro is now shot and uploaded. You can find it right here.

Finally: The class is done! Shot, Edited and uploaded! you can find it at: http://skl.sh/2gXr0wq


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