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Michelle Goggins

I love to sew, draw and make stuff!



Mini-Challenge: Purple Beads Desktop Wallpaper


This is my first project designed entirely in Adobe Illustrator.  I used many of the techniques from Bonnie Christine's class:  Intro to Surface Pattern Design: Learn Adobe Illustrator.  The class has been very helpful!  I'm working through the "Create a Collection" class as well.  It's so inspiring!  

Purple Beads was designed for the 1 week mini-challenge to design a desktop wallpaper.  I was mostly inspired by my new abilities in Illustrator - I used the clipping mask feature a lot.  I originally designed it in a brown color palette.  Then I was so delighted to learn about the option to change colors randomly!  The purple palette came from a photo I took of the petunias in my yard.  I was pleased with all the combinations that came out of that palette, and this one was my favorite. 

I don't know if this piece will inspire an entire collection, but its color palette might! 


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