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Log Line:

Minerva is a young poet who finds her world destroyed and issolating after an admirer forces himself on her.


In my life I've known far too many women who have been sexualy asaulted and abused, so when I came across several poems that crisscrossed this woman's tale, Minerva, and those who played various roles in her life I felt compelled to tell her story.

I primarily pulled from Minerva Jones, "Butch" Weldy, and Doctor Meyer, all from the Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters. I found it interesting and even somewhat disturbing how Minerva wasn't even mentioned in Butch's account of his life, yet so much in Minerva's acount was based on Butch. The fact that he could do so much damage to someone's life and then never mention her was extremely unsettling to me.

A link to my current draft:

Draft 2:


Previous drafts:

Draft 1:


In conclusion, I welcome any and all criticism as long as it's constructive. If you offer some insight that I find valuable I would love to give your work a read as well. I know I need to trim it down a little so any tips on pieces I could trim would be apreciated.



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