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Minecraft and Autism

Minecraft has become a gaming sensation, with a strong following of children(and adults) on the autism spectrum. Recently parents have made Minecraft servers for the sole purpose of connecting their children with others with autism, by doing team building exercises in the Minecraft world. 

I'm really excited by this, my little sister is on the spectrum, and is an absolute team player and is a cheerleader for any team, but because of her disadvantages in social and communication skills, it is hard to find situations and methods where she can be an equal team member. 

 My one word is Connection


I have two Ideas

one is a group of four vignettes marrying the minecraft matter blocks and the puzzle piece icon (a symbol of autism support) 

the seconded is a complete image, focused around  the idea of a hidden gem.

its a mincraft blocky landscape with a dug up pit, and at the bottom a glowing puzzle piece. 



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