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Mindless drawing on the rooftop

I never thought of drawing on huge paper. Paper I used here is 70cmx100cm (B1 size)

First drawing

As you can see, lacking of experience of drawing big, I started drawing small things and trying to fill the blank. While the whole picture may seem messy, I did enjoy the process of mindless drawing. And because of the size of the paper, I had to stick it onto the wall and stood on my feet. The only place that allows me to do this is the rooftop.

Drawing all alone on the rooftop, instead of crawling before the desk surrounds with keyboard, phone, pen, cup, and lots of tools, is a fresh experience that I feel calm facing the white. With the view of the open space, I'm free of any possible to-do list in mind. 

It's addictive that I had another drawing: 

70cmx100cm (B1 size)

This time I tried to put the paper landscape and I use brush pen to allow thick strokes. I had no idea of what I'm going to draw before it's finished. I really like the outcome !


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