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Mindfulness Meditation to Boost Creativity

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To be creative all the time you need creative and out of the box tools to foster the best in you.

In this class you will use a 5 minute meditation process to boost your creativity.

You create a new project or work on one that you already have but new insights upon. 

Ate the end you will have fresh ideias or perspectives about your project that were born from a very different and more creative place inseide of you.

You will learn why 5 minutes a day of a very simple type of meditation can keep your creativity alive.

And for those who think that meditation is not for them you will also learn ways to meditate while doing things, in an active type of meditation.

Mindfulness is a concept created by Harvad professor Ellen Langer, and along with eatern tradition practices, has been helping artists, athlets, entrepreneurs and amangers to stay off stress and in the best of their abilities.


Solve a problem creatively using Mindfulness Meditation Tool.


  1. Publish a problem you want to solve

  2. Publish the cretive ideas you have got with the use o the Mindfulness Meditation

  3. Share the final solution given and how you feel about it.


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