Mindful Mornings

Mindful Mornings - student project

Primary Focus:

My focus is to de-clutter and organize my schedule of activities. To practice positivity in order to minimize (if not totally remove) stress. Be able to make time for God, my family, myself, and still be able to give back and/or volunteer to do charity works for the community.


Habits I want to do:

  • Light Exercise (Yoga, Stretching, 7-Minute Workout)
  • Meditation (Headspace)
  • Journaling
  • Reading
  • Gratitude/Affirmations
  • Learn New Things
  • Watch or listen to inspirational videos/audios
  • Make time to write new songs/poems/create artworks
  • Give back to community/help unfortunate ones


Daily Focus (60 Minutes):


Monday Reflection:

Pray the Holy Rosary for 30 minutes. Read an inspirational book/listen to an inspirational podcast/TED talk for 15 minutes. Write down my take-away from the inspiring book/audio. What I have learned and how to apply it in my life/self for another 15 minutes.


Tuesday Exercise:

Do yoga and/or stretching, light exercise.


Wednesday Reading:

Read a good book. Books stored on my bookshelf for years/months waiting to be read.


Thursday Skills:

Learn something new from Skillshare or YouTube for 30 minutes. Create a new artwork or try to write a song again for another 30 minutes.


Friday Movie:

Watch a movie on YouTube.


Saturday Funday:

Do something just for fun. Play boardgames, crossword puzzle, listen to music. Go out and take a walk in the park, etc.

Sunday Give Back:

Research on charitable works and volunteering events to help the poor. Plan at least once a month to give back.



Ideal Morning Routine Schedule:

 7:00 AM – Wake up. Make Bed. Say a Prayer. (5 mins)

7:05 AM – Go to the bathroom. Brush teeth. Wash face. Freshen up. (5 mins)

7:10 AM – Meditate. Do yoga or stretching. (15 mins)

7:25 AM – Journaling. Write down my dreams and my interpretation of it. Gratitude. List 3 things I am      grateful for. Affirmations. Dreams. Goals. Fears. Frustrations, etc. (10 mins)

7:35 AM – Cook and prepare breakfast and lunchbox. (25 mins)

8:00 AM – Wake husband up. Eat breakfast (30 mins)

8:30 AM – Tidy mess around the house. Wash the dishes. (20 minutes)

8:50 AM – Daily Focus. (60 mins)

9:50 AM – Take a bath. Dress up, make up. (20 mins)

10:10 AM – Miscellaneous time break. Call Mama and/or text Papa. Other household needs to attend to. Watch TV to relax. List grocery shopping, list budget and payables for the month, etc. (20 mins)

10:30 AM – Leave for work.


Mine is a bit ambitious. But I will do my best to follow it. Started doing meditation and journaling, and it helped me to have a more positive outlook everyday.