Mindful Meditation 7 day journal


Date 5.6.20

Time 10:00am

Duration - Started with 2 minutes immediately after this class.

Don't take this the wrong way but I closed my eyes and just listened to you during the class. I was finding it to be very soothing. :-)

The good - I was already very relaxed and aware of the calm around me. I determined my spot for daily mediation. Was comfortable with what I needed to do. There was a slight hum from my furnace that was pretty soothing.

The bad - I was having a tough time figuring out what to do with my hands. I kept fidgeting with them. Will have to continue to figure out what to do with them so they don't distract me. Some road noise distracted me as well.  And I kept drifting off thinking about how I was going to set up this journal. 

This may have to be an 8 day meditation journal. 

Date 5.7.20

Time 10:04am

Duration - 3 minutes

The good - 3 minutes flew by. Time to up it! I was finding pulling my mind back to my breathing pretty easy.

The bad - Experimented with different hand positions. I did find that a few caused me to tense up which i could feel in my neck. I finally felt that if I held my ankles ( I am in cross leg on floor) that seemed to be the best. There was little fidgeting although I did catch my left foot trying to join the fidget. It was reprimanded and put in its place. :-)

Date 5.8.20

Time 9:50

Duration - 3 minutes

Again the time flew by. Much better at keeping in the moment.

Date 5.9.20

Time 11:20

Duration - 4 minutes

Felt a bit awkward as my husband was home...shouldn't let that bother me but i let it distract me.

Date 5.10.20

Time 7:20

Duration - 5 minutes

This morning I tried the meditation in bed right after i  woke up. It was pretty relaxing but had to keep myself from drifting off. That said really enjoyed being in such a comfortable place.

Date 5.11.20

Time 7:10

Duration - 5 minutes

Again in bed right after i woke up.  Propped my feet up with a pillow and was even more comfortable.