Mindful Collage

Mindful Collage - student project

First of all: cute dog! 

I know I should say something about the class first but I just love dogs. Sure you can tell by now.


I took time to think and answer the questions in my head. Was not that easy to be optimistic during quarantine times but it was nice to think ahead and make plans.

I just have some old and boring magazines laying around the house so it was kind of tricky to find any images at all.

Mindful Collage - image 1 - student project


 In the end I just loved it and it was hard to gather the courage to cut it but let´s do it!

Mindful Collage - image 2 - student project


Ok, I made it!

Now is time to glue it all again. As you can see I ended up doing something freestyle. I know that was not what I was supposed to do but I just liked it this way.


Mindful Collage - image 3 - student project

Sorry about the pictures. I took them at night so they are not that good.

Thank you for the class ^^


Renata Rocha
Wake up. Make art. Enjoy the day. Repeat