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Mind maps - Make decisions easy

UPDATE: Class is live, so join us http://skl.sh/2ahymcX

I want to create  a class on how to do mind maps and use it as a powerful tool. I will also demonstrate a free tool.

This is like a follow up for my second course Brainstorm Yourself To Success ( http://skl.sh/29ZQg6X ) where I talk about mind maps as a tool for brainstorming.

My outline at this stage:

1. Record Video 1:What is a mind map and how to develop it

 Edit 28/7 Start with presentation

Class is getting to long. New outline:

Video 1 - Introduction

Video 2 - What is a mind map?

Video 3 - How to create mind map?

Video 4 - Over shoulder create mind map by  hand

Video 5 - Software and mind map - added

I am going to make a follow up class on the software and how to use it if students prefer to do it with software - No Made it only one class, 

I will also add a class project and will update as I go along

30 July. Class ready and uploading, will be published soon


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