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Segun Adebajo

UX designer + Brand Architect + Storyteller



"Mind is Everything"

As I sat down to begin the "Sketch to Vector" class on a fine saturday morning, I felt distracted and when that happens in the morning, I know my day could turn out to be a slow one. So I stumbled onto youtube. 

my attention was captured by a motivational video youtube had recommended for me. For the next hour I hopped from one motivational video to the next, but this wasn't a careless passtime. I sat there, with pencil in hand, listening for a catch-phrase, a rhyme, a word, that I could execute through Sean's class. And finally, it arrived so subtly, but with great conviction and precision... "Mind Is Everything".

I didn't bother to scan it, once I had those words, I was all ready-set-go. I wanted to get started and not stop until I was done. That's how I am, and I was curious to see how I'd measure up to what Sean and the rest of the talented hand letterers I look up to were doing.

After I was done with the vectoring, It was straight to finish (told ya!). So without anymore ranting, and "story-telling" from me here's is the process work, up till the finished artwork. 



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