Mind Mapping Project Template

Mind Mapping Project Template - student project

Dear students!

This is a Project Example to give you an idea on what you can create in this class. 


Mind Mapping Project Template - image 1 - student project

I like this map because it's very simple and it also shows the relationships between subtopics. It's not colored and it doesn't have images, but for me that's why I want.


Mind Mapping Project Template - image 2 - student project

For this Mind Map, I used my favorite application Mindomo. I really liked this program because it's user friendly and I didn't need much time to learn how to use the program before I started working on the Mind Map. I didn't like the icons that much and I decided not to use any images in my map for simplicity.


Start working on the project right after you finish the class. It was hard to remember what I was supposed to do since I started working on the project a while after I finished the class. Also, don't finish the map in one sitting. Come back later or the next day to get even more ideas. 

Michaela M.

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