Mind Like Water Meditation

Mind Like Water Meditation - student project

So after many false starts and a bit of wrestling with Photoshop (I'm a newbie), I finally was able to leave the gate and put something together.  It is my first draft and admittedly it is very rough.  In fact, I just looked at it in a browser and realized that I had been looking at it on a much smaller scale in Photoshop, so everything is probably way too big.  Oh well, here we go!

I came up with a ficticious meditation system called "Mind Like Water Meditation."  "Mind Like Water" is a term used in martial arts.  It refers to a mind that is calm most of the time, reacts in an appropriate way to whatever happens, and then returns to calm.  This is akin to throwing a rock into a calm lake - calm water, ripples, then calm water.

Though I know blue is a very over-used color on the internet right now, since my theme is water, it seemed to be an appropriate color.

In additon to whatever feedback you may have, I would greatly appreciate some suggestions on typography and color.  I understand that we can use color and different fonts to make the various text sections be more distinct, but I did not have the time to really play with this.  For example, the yellow text over the image looks to much alike.  I would like to distinguish between the "problem", "Tired?, Worried?, etc."  and the other text.

I would like to write more, but I have an appointment.  I will add more if I get a chance.

Thank you for any feedback. 

~ Theo


Mind Like Water Meditation - image 1 - student project