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Mimi's on Union

Trish Blair is a small boutique owner looking to have her business reflect more of her fresh but
sophisticated style, and less of the style she inherited when she purchased the business from the previous owner, without loosing the extensive pre-existing customer base.

To reposition the brand so client’s understand their is a new owner with similar yet updated taste from
the brand they had come to know and love.

Target Audience:
Wealthy, stylish bay area woman aged 40+ looking for a personal shopping experience with a familiar faceand with new anddependable brands.

Trish Blair is a stylish working woman with an appreciation for classic sophisticated style, punctuated with unique, one-of-a-kind artistic pieces that bring style to today’s modern, mature woman.

Other bay area boutiques that specialize in quality clothing and unique fashions for mature woman.

Distinquishing Characters:
A shopping experience that is extremely personal, with someone whole knows you and your style.

Creative Considerations:
Classics such as black and white with small touches of fresh color.
A focus on the name becoming more about “on union” and downplaying “mimi’s”

Classic, sophisticated, unique, friendly, mature.



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