Mime - student project

Mime - image 1 - student project

This is my single image for this project. Using information from the first lecture, I wanted to focus on framing my character to make him stand out. I also used contrasting tones for the focal point of the image. 

This image is quite simple in terms of composition, however I'd like to experiment more by perhaps involving a secondary character or prop for the mime to interact with.

Feedback welcome :)


Mime - image 2 - student project

Thanks to everyone who's viewed my image so far! I got some great constructive feedback and have been reworking my piece taking the advice into consideration.

One of the ideas given to me was to make the additional character the mime's shadow, which I thought was very imaginative! So I had a go at this, making the shadow the menacing alter ego of the mime. He holds the key to the imaginary box the mime is trapped in for an added accent on the narrative.

Another comment made was that it was unclear as to how the character was feeling about being trapped in this imaginary box. I agree completely with this looking back, as the character's expression is vacant and it sort of separates him from his surroundings. I altered his expression to make him seem scared and anxious.

I think the compostition could maybe be tweeked, but I'm quite pleased with the image overall. I'm learning a lot here; usually I work in a robotic, methodical way however hearing feedback and bouncing ideas off classmates has encouraged me to be more imaginitave.

In case anyone was wondering, I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 to create digital collage using found textures and photography. If you want to see more of my work you can check out my Facebook page: 



Chloe Chapman

Designer / Digital Artist / Illustrator