Shawnice McCraney




Milwaukee Misadventure

Exercise 1

1) Write down a unique fact about you or secret you don’t let everyone in on.  


One unique experience I had in my life is for a month and a half I when back and forth staying in a hotel while trying to go to an art school in Milwaukee.


2) Give this fact or secret to a character in your story


As Denise stepped out the car to grab her luggage from the trunk. She couldn’t help but feel dread for what the day had in store. This emotion would seem unusual to most given it was her first day of school in a new city. She had even dreamt of this day for years. Now it was here all she could do was push pass her grieve and get through the day. Denise grabbed her bags from the trunk and says bye to her brother, who wishes her luck and drives away.


For most of her future classmates, they were probably in bed at home or their new dorms anticipating the exciting day that awaited them. For Denise, she was tired after the long morning drive into the city and standing in a hotel parking lot preparing herself for the day. As she planned out on her drive there she checked into her room, put away her luggage, showered and left for school. Denise caught the city bus while she lugged along her heavy bookbag and portfolio. She hoped, once she got to her first class of the day they would have something exciting planned to take her mind off the already exhausting day.


Once she arrived at her class, she was greeted by smiling faces from her fellow classmates. Denise kindly waved hello as she sat down and waited for the teacher to start her lesson plan. Her day went pretty well compared to what she expected it to be. She had fun doing class drawings and met some unique students who all were friendly and polite. For the moment she forgot the lousy day she was having and focused on enjoying herself. She didn’t forget her responsibilities though, while her classmates hung out during passing time Denise worked hard to check off errands. She hoped all of this would lead to finding a proper place to live during her time in the city. After her final class, Denise packed up her supplies and hopped on the bus to head back to her new makeshift home.


Before heading to bed, Denise made dinner of the cans of tuna and ramen noodles she packed. She then placed the meal into red solo cups, grabbed an ice tray and headed to the hotel lobby to heat up her sad dinner. In the lobby, she struck up a conversation with the hotel manager. They talked for a moment about her stay so far and Denise told her about the misadventures that lead to this moment. Denise was surprised to hear the manager also had a similar experience in France with her and her husband. Hearing her story gave Denise hope that maybe things would work out for her as well. She was interested in hearing the rest of the story, but it was getting late and she needed to wake early in the morning. So, she said goodnight to her new friend and headed back to her room. On the way back, while carrying the hot cups of food she was nearly knocked over by another guest's dog which mildly annoyed her. She ended up successfully making it back to the room with her food still intact. After that, she quickly ate her meal, put on her PJs and went to bed. As she laid in her tiny hotel room she looked at the ceiling and dreamt of the day she would walk across that graduation stage. The thought of it brought tears to her eyes as she slowly fell asleep.


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