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Million Monkey

ABOUT US:  I created Million Monkey in the summer of 2009 and didn't officially launch the brand until March of 2010.  I started Million Monkey after I realized that my first attempt at starting a clothing brand didn't reflect who I was or what I liked.  My mother is from Thailand and when I was a child she always called me "LING", which means monkey in Thai.  I knew I had to have monkey in the title of my brand name!  As I began to search the internet I came across the Million Monkey Theory.  The Million Monkey Theory states: If there were a million monkeys typing on a million typewriters of an infinite amount of time, eventually one of those monkeys would type out a book like Hamlet by emulating the exact keystrokes!  To me this meant that things that seem impossible are still possible and do what you can to be that one monkey out of millions that makes it in whatever you chose to do.

SLOGAN:  Most Never Know WhY-MNKY (Explanation of slogan: When you are so passionate and involved in a brand, a sport, an activity, etc you put so much of yourself into building it, training, or learning about everything that has to do with your passion.  The common person looking from the outside in does not really understand the "WHY" of what you do, hence the slogan)


Main Logo

Main Logo Flipped to show the Ambigram


MMC Logo-Face is made of the letters M-M-C (used at a rear tag print on tees and hats)

MNKY Logo used on inside tag and front image on tees

Our Mascot-Jungle Jim:

Our very first photo shoot with Honey Images:

Custom Hats:

Custom Bamboo Jewelry Project with Big Bam Booe:

Our own branded Energy Drink called Apt Sh*t Energy:

Logo on different projects:

Our Latest Collection that we want to refine-Politics, Sex, and Money(the things we aren't supposed to talk about).  Growing up we were always told that it was tabu to talk about politics, sex, and money in certain settings.  I feel in today's society we shy away from all three in general and our youth don't really understand what those three subjects are all about.  For the core designs of this collection (logo tees excluded) I decided to use black tees to represent the negative connotation these are given.

The 2nd Amendment Tee

Picture Perfect Tee

Monkey Business Tee

Purple/Lime Logo Tee

Yellow/Black Logo Tee

Black/Pink Logo Tee



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