Million Dollar Moment


I recently discovered posters as a strong storytelling tool and therefore loved this class. What I like very much about posters is that you have one frame and maybe a headline and a some text to tell a captivating story.

My aim was to get a few new techniques as I am a design autodidact. This is the end-result where I want to re-iterate over time. 

I wanted to keep it quite clean, however, I would love to add a bit more advanced water reflections and also the moon would look great with some craters. 

For now my focus was on strong storytelling. I tried to capture one of those one million dollar moments (actually not measurable in monetary sense) that you have during your life. Maybe I start a poster series on this :)

Thanks for any feedback for an absolute beginner and some tips e.g. minimalistic water reflections. 

Million Dollar Moment - image 1 - student project