Milkyway over Kasauli

Milkyway over Kasauli - student project

The night sky on the night of 30th March at Kasauli. I chose the moment carefully - this is shortly after the moonrise with the Milkyway rising over the South Eastern skies, before the moon climbed higher washing out the Milkyway. You can also see Jupiter very close to the Milkyway followed by Saturn and then the Moon. The location was not ideal as we had a fair amount of light pollution, but I didn't want to go galivanting across Kasauli looking for dark clear view at 2 am at night. It was a Bortel 4 sky, probably the brightest possible sky to be able to capture the milkyway. Two exposures here : 

Night Sky : 11 images x 13 s, f/2.8, 14 mm, ISO 1600 stacked

Foreground 1 x 5 s, f/2.8 / 14 mm, ISO 100

 My Gear : Nikon D850 / Samyang 14 mm f/2.8 / Innorel RT85C Tripod

 30°53'28.367" N 77°0'50.255" E