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Milk for Warmth

I've chosen this image because it is bold and lends itself to screenprinting, but mostly because it uses text with some warping and perhaps also using blends. I want to be able to create type-heavy pieces in illustrator so thought this would be a good starting point where I would learn without getting too frustrated and disheartened(as has happened with all my previous illustrator attempts!).

So I've watched 5 videos now, and here is where I am so far. I used the shape tool for the raindrops but I prefer the pen tool at the moment. I'm not finding it easy to alter different anchor points or curve angles after I have finished tracing objects but otherwise I am pleasantly surprised with the progress!

So I've watched the sixth video and had plenty of practise with tracing. Ready to move onto text, textures etc. I'm still struggling, after using the pen tool, with moving one anchor point - I can only change the angle of the lines around it. sometimes I want to drag an anchor point slightly - can anyone enlighten me about how to do this? It sounds like it should be simple!

I've finished the class, definitely a better intro to illustrator than I ever had at art school! I found the typography difficult, I would have preffered to draw round the existing fonts with the pen tool(I did this for the word 'milk', I admit). I didn't find a font that was a good match and then the transform tool frustrated me, I love this tool in Photoshop but it is quite different in Illustrator. (side note: Now I have finished, I just noticed the 'width' and 'free transform' tools which may have helped me! I was trying to use the shear tool) I am planning on doing a vector based typography class as one of my next projects so hopefully I can keep using and building on these skills.

Oh, I found out about moving the anchor points on a forum - choose the direct selection tool(white arrow, shortcut A), deselect the whole path then drag the one anchor point. Beforehand I had been trying to do this with the whole shape selected.

Final poster:


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