Milk and Cookies

Milk and Cookies - student project

For my project, I wanted to combine my two loves: food and lettering. I want to do a series of lettering pieces that involve food combinations (for example: tea and crumpets, steak and lobster, biscuits and gravy, cheese and everything, etc.). I decided to start with milk and cookies, because they are my favorite. 

First Draft

Milk and Cookies - image 1 - student project

Second Draft

Milk and Cookies - image 2 - student project

Final Draft

I am still having some trouble with the ligatures between the i and the e and the s. I would love to hear some suggestions, if anyone has any.

Milk and Cookies - image 3 - student project

I have also included the steak and lobster one I'm working on, I'll probably finish up that one when the class is finished.

Milk and Cookies - image 4 - student project