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Milk Was a Bad Choice

Phrase Choice

" Milk Was a Bad Choice"

Phrase Meaning

Everything is going wrong for Ron Burgandy.  He has no job, no friends and he has made the poor choice of drinking a carton of milk on a hot San Deigo afternoon.  The warm milk dripping off his patchy beard is a perfect metaphor for how Ron's life is going.


Comedy, 1970s, downtrodden, milky

Sketches and Thoughts/MIstakes

After defining my keywords for this project I quickly realized I purchased the wrong tools.  1970s screams brush script and I unfortunately purchased a parallel pen which is more copperplate-ish. I decided to sketch and play with the parallel pen anyways and tried to mimic some typefaces.  I think I will probably end up going from sketch to vector and not use the parallel pen.  Might pick up a brush pen and give that a whirl though.


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