Milk Packaging

Milk Packaging - student project


Here are a few of my sketches. 

Milk Packaging - image 1 - student projectMilk Packaging - image 2 - student projectMilk Packaging - image 3 - student projectMilk Packaging - image 4 - student projectMilk Packaging - image 5 - student project

I think that I've decided to choose the design that has the milk spill over to the back. I think it's a fun way to connect the front to the back of the bottle. Also, I am rethinking the ribbon that connects the cap to the bottle. In the sketch, I have a drop shape, but I don't think it reads very well. 

For the images inside of the circles, these are meant to be images that are placed on the cap. I think that my favorites are the spotted cow with the splattered spots and the spilt glass of milk. 

I'm playing around with a few logo choices, but I think that since my diecut label will be so detailed that I should just make the logo very simple and straight forward. 

I've also decided that I want to have at least 3 versions of the brand. I'm still looking at options online, but haven't quite found the perfect bottles I'm looking for. I want to use bottles that have a vintage feel to them and would like to place them into an old wire crate. So far I've found these bottles included below.

I'm open for suggestions/ comments/ advice. Thanks!

Milk Packaging - image 6 - student projectMilk Packaging - image 7 - student project




I think that I would like to do my packaging project on milk. Most of the milk bottles I see in store are boring and uninteresting. I would like to make individual milk glass bottles stand out amoung the rest of the other dairy products in the store.

I plan on creating a few different bottles of milk for:

-whole milk

I may not do each of these varieties, but for now, I'm just keeping a list of possible other versions to create packaging for besides the originial milk. 


I would like to make the design of the milk different and stand out. So far, I have a few ideas coming to mind to make this project different. I love the ribbon piece that connects the lid to the design of the label, so I will definitely do something like this for my project. 

I really love how much the illustration on the wine bottle stands out with its color as well as it's fun and quirky illustration. I may incorporate some kind of illustrated shape into my label design. Since I am designing for milk packaging, I was thinking of a milk puddle with the text organized neatly on top.

Milk Packaging - image 8 - student projectMilk Packaging - image 9 - student projectMilk Packaging - image 10 - student project

Milk Packaging - image 11 - student project

Target Audience:

I want the overall design of the milk to be inviting, but also be able to appeal to everyone of all ages. I want the packaing to be fun, intersting, but also have a more sophisticated approach. 

I would like for people to look at the packaging and not feel that milk is a "child's product." 


For me, deciding on a name for the brand is one of the hardest things. I have a few names in mind, but if there are any that strike you as being better than the others or if you have any other names, let me know please!

-Marvelous Milk
-Spilled Milk
-Crafty Cow