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Milestones for the Journey, MacKensie's Life List

Building a Life List, Day 1.

I really enjoy the thinking points that Maggie talkied about in the video. I came up with about ten feelings I want to feel, ways I'd like to be able to describe myself, to focus my list-building. 

One filtering question I developed (which I needed since I have that perfectionism-issue that makes my life harder than it needs to be, ha) was "Will pursuing this goal make me feel good, even if I don't 'accomplish' it?"

I already had a GoMighty account and about a dozen goals on it. The first thing I did was delete a few old goals that I realized were more to-dos than life list-worthy goals. It was helpful to make that destinction with all of the different things that were popping up in my mind- there's a difference between just 'things I need to do' and 'things that will lift me up in my life'.

For today I focused on life list goals that I want to focus on in the next year.  Next I'll add stories and look at longer-term life list goals.

P.S. I looked at everyone's blogs and you are all so cool!

Lecture 2, focusing in and picking 5...

The points Maggie brought up in the second lecture really got the brain churning, especially talking about timing and physical responses.

I'm definitely at a low point. Low energy, poor health, low enthusiasm (but it's still there!). No wonder why so many of my new goals have to do with my body- and I never noticed that until now!  In the past, almost all of my goals had to do with travel and academic accomplishments.

It's clear I just need to take care of myself- make physical activity a regular part of my life, eat healthier, and make myself feel cared for.

This makes my Top 5 for the next year rather easy:

Make 25 healthy meals this year. (maybe 25 is not ambitious enough, but I'm only home on the weekends! This is where i'm starting)

Explore 3 local trails this year.

Try one new physical activity in the next 3 months. (I like 90 day goals, After 90 days, you assess, reevaluate, and create a new one).

Create and maintaine a skincare routine. --I've done well at home but am still working on an on-the-road routine.

Get grow-up portraits of myself. --I think this has more to do with my image of myself than anything. I want pretty pictures of me-- Who I am today.; with a few post-30 greys, new glasses, and a body that's acknowledged and cared for. 

Thank for listening!


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