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Milestone 3 Completed!

here is my 3rd exercise:

a brief description:

I mostly dedicate this exercice to practise with color correction, which I didn't imagine how much I would liked it!! great surprise!!

All clips in Milestone II have primary color corrections,  and some have 2 or even 3 corrections,

I did a lot of "corrections", but unfortunetly this doesn't mean all the "corrections" are correct!

definetly, I will appreciate your comments on this!!

my trick is: at first I like to push down blacks (about 0) and then control MIDs and High lights, to ensure a bright image, but no burned.

I like to use effects only to fix image problems, I like those effects than doesn't seems to be there. It's kind a dirty job, lot of time consuming and no body apreciates!

I liked it a lot this (so short) course!! thanks Andrew.

here is a screenshot of my timeline:



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