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(Milestone 1-do I need to add or change anything?) Wineaux 101-The Basics to Becoming a Wine Enthusiast

Does the thought of drinking wine intimidate you?  Does the price of a bottle make you turn your head?  What about simply not knowing what you're tasting?  Well the days of wine snobbery are long gone!  With Wineaux 101, you'll be introduced to the basics of Wine, one of the most ancient of drinks that is making a name for itself among the world of social libations!

Who is this class for?

This class is for all those who would like to start exploring the wonderful world of Wine.  It's a beginners class, so no prior knowledge is needed.

Learning Objectives:

So what will you get out of this class?  I'm glad you asked, we'll cover the topics of...

1.  Red and White wine characteristics (what should you be seeing, smelling and tasting)
2.  Proper technique for tasting wine (how to observe, swirl and sip)
3.  Food Pairing

The class will include lectures and live tasting demonstrations/discussions along with resources such as blog posts and fellow wine ethusiasts' videos!

Why should you take this class?

This class will open your eyes to a centuries old drink and give you practical knowledge to start enjoying wine.  With the skills that you learn in my class you will be begin your journey in finding the varietal of wine you prefer best, how to "really" taste wine and what foods go best with what wines.  With this knowledge you can throw a killer party, a blind tasting where you can teach others and/or visit a local winery without apprehension.  So enroll in my class and let's start noshing on this social libation!


To demonstrate the skills learned, students will create their own wine flight and food pairing from their favorite varietal and foods.

Why do I love Wine?

The enjoyment of Wine goes back centuries and I love history.  It's a drink that evolves and changes from year to year, region to region.  It can be enjoyed alone or best of all in a social setting.  It's perfect for dinner parties, gatherings, or tasting parties where everyone can get involved and learn something.  Wine also allows you to connect to the land and scenery.  Take a day and visit a local Winery where you will learn so much more than you ever thought!  I love Wine because it is invested with history, it's a social drink and of course it tastes great!



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