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[Milestone 1] Sane Social Media Workshop // developing an intentional online communication practice

but it hasn’t changed the fact that we’ve all got stories to tell.

And there’s a way to share your story over the WiFi waves that’s honest, colorful, down-to-earth and exactly what the rest of us have been waiting to hear.

But what is it? And how do you do it in a way that allows you to remain intentional on a day-to-day basis? This is the question, isn’t it? The one many of us are asking now that our lives are, in many ways, primarily digital.

A lot of us are wondering how to show up online in a sane way — like neighbors who really care what happens here.

In a survey I put out earlier this year (eloquently) titled “What Folks Really Think About Social Media,” over 40% of respondents said they want to learn how to cultivate more meaningful interaction online and over 30% noted they want to learn how to use social media more intentionally — these were the top two social media learning needs identified.

It turns out that, like face-to-face communication in the workplace, home and grocery store, intentionality online is not so simple. It takes practice and there’s no way around that. That's what this class is all about — Identifying the narrative you want to share & developing a sane social media practice that allows you to tell it over the long term.

By the end of this class, you will:

  1. Identify the narrative you want to share on social media
  2. Develop a sane and intentional social media practice that allows you to tell your narrative over the long term (the kind that will sit right in your gut)

I'm sure you've got a few questions — I know I would.

Is the Sane Social Media class for me?

Maybe you’ve been on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc for a while now but you look around and don’t know what to do next — let alone how to wade through the greasy self promotion and political finger pointing you see in your News Feed.

Or your online presence is a bit stale and you need some gentle — yet straightforward — guidance to work through your funk.

This class is specifically designed for folks who want to develop an online presence that feels uniquely you, meaningful and down-to-earth. Many, though not all, of you in this boat will identify as either "social media reluctants" or experiencing "social media stalety or boredom."

Are there any pre-requisites?

Yes! This is not a Social Media 101 course and will not address the techincal aspects of developing and managing a social media account or profile. Students will need to be comfortable navigating at least one of the major social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+).

What topics are covered in the class?

  • setting an intention
  • identifying your personal narrative
  • exploring your unique voice   
  • developing a daily practice
  • healthy online boundaries & red flags        

Will there be homework?

Of course! Students will work through a number of creative activities designed to help them explore their personal narrative, unique voice and what they really want out of their social media presence. Additional resources and discussion opportunities will be provided for students interested in diving deeper in any of these topics.

The creative activities will culminate in one main project: developing an daily social media practice that can be easily implemented and sustained over the long term. Students will walk away with a daily social media practice that:

     you can (and actually want to) sustain,

     is authentically and creatively you,

     tells the truth about who you are & what you have to contribute,

     that feels right in your gut.


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