Milestone 1: Road Trip

Milestone 1: Road Trip - student project

I'm running a bit behind, life got in the way last week. I will have the treatment posted soon and the first draft will soon follow. 

Milestone 1: Road Trip

After going over the feedback and deliberating my choices, I decided to go with the Road Trip Idea.  Road Trip is the story of two friends who go on a cross-country road trip and only one-friend returns while the other is left behind. I think this idea will be fun to explore, and honestly a bit of a challenge to me as well.  I would love for this to be grounded in reality, but the surviving character wakes up unsure if it his last moments with his friend was just a dream.   I will soon  start work on a treatment and post that here.  Thanks to everyone for your feedback and help so far.

Original Posting

This is my first skillshare class.  I wasn't sure on how to write a proper pitch, so below is my best effort. Please let me know what you think. Thanks. 

Road Trip Idea.

Two friends take a road trip across the country to explore roadside Americana. They pass an advertisement for a place that seems too good to be true.  One problem, this place doesn’t exist on any map or GPS. The only directions they have are the recurrent billboards along the road.  After arriving it is plain to see this place is like no other, it is utopian in nature and disconnected from the real world. Not sure if they should stay or leave, one friend chooses to stay while the other drives away with a sense of loss.  He pulls over to compose himself only to fall asleep. When he awakes he realizes there was a car crash that his friend didn’t survive.

Man and Dog at the End of the World Idea.

Man lives on a farm with his wife, who can’t have children so they adopt a puppy. As the couple ages, the wife dies and the man is left alone with his best friend, the dog. With his health failing, the man rarely leaves the farm and relies on a boy from town to bring him supplies and check up on him weekly.  One week, the boy doesn’t show.  Well stocked in groceries, the old man misses the visit but isn’t too concerned.  Sitting together on the porch when the dog hears a noise, growls, and runs off to investigate only to return hours later in bad condition. Determined not to lose the only thing he has left in his life, the old man scoops the dog into his arms and heads for the nearest town where he finds out why the deliveries stopped and what his dog was protecting him from.

Coffee Shop Idea.

A man, introverted and resistant to change, follows the same routine everyday. One day while walking to work he notices, with disdain, a new coffee shop has opened up along his path.  He ignores the new coffee shop yet passes by it everyday on his walk.  One day he sees something that makes him want to go inside, but decides not to because it’s not apart of his routine.  However, his urge to enter grows until he gathers the courage to go inside. Once inside, his life changes forever.