Milestone #1: Customer Persona's, Interviews and 1 Paragraph Narratives

I have two target users:

These users are focused on writing and developing scripts and are challenged with gaining exposure and getting their work produced. Exposure comes from connections and building a network, but this is not easily acquired. Users have limited time to research opportunities and are unsure of opportunities that exist in marketplace due to lack of transparency. Further, users want to have a better understanding of what is being produced in the marketplace and to be able to make connections and build relationships with industry professionals. Additionally, writers are sensitive about their work and in receiving feedback, so they want protections around revealing their work and allowing feedback.

Industry Professionals:
Users are tasked with finding new talent, building relationships and finding work that eventually can be produced. These users not only want to find new writers, but learn about their history and track their development. Currently there is no central depository to track all this information and much of it is unavailable. Further, these users are interested in seeing what works are being produced and networking with other industry professionals to help find new writers and scripts.

Link to Persona Development sheet for a writer:

Link to Persona Development sheet for an industry professional:

Link to Validation Board:

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks."


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