Milestone #1 - Choosing which narrative to pursue.

Milestone #1 - Choosing which narrative to pursue. - student project

Pitches (Thanks for your feedback!)


A teenager growing up in an eveangelical Christian family, which preaches against homosexuality, begins to realize and understand his non-hetero sexuality. Unable to expose his true self to his family and congregation, he struggles with his identity. When his father catches him looking at men in a modeling magazine, he's sent to a class where they try to cure him of his otherness. There he meets a boy with whom he forges an intense bond, and who teaches him a new meaning for the word Christian. He tries teaching his family to accept him, but ultimately must choose his own truth.


A playwrite by night, and banker by day, creates an elaborate inner storyline to cover up the loss of his wife, and in doing so begins to blur the line between reality and fantasy. But when a trigger prompts him to remember the shocking truth about their separation, he must deal with the psychic trauma one way or another. Will he learn to live with the truth, or construct more elaborate self-deceptions?


A young man plays a young Michael Caine in a community theater production and wins the attention of the crowd. He becomes obsessed with the grace and poise of the famous actor and begins to imitate him in his daily life. He develops his accent, his manor of speaking and walking, etc. He takes his show on the road, as it were, to the big city, and while in the midst of one of his best nights emulating the star, at a bar in Manhattan, he bumps into the actor, who teaches him a lesson on being oneself.

Milestone #1 Choosing the narrative

After the feedback from everyone (thank you) I've decided to pursue the #2 narrative, which is a piece about a man creating a neurosis to cover up the trauma of losing his wife. I picked this one b/c I think it will be a good opportunity to explore the ideas of reality and perception and our unconscious and our conscious minds and also visually compelling material could emerge. Also, most people were intrigued by this premise, so I think it has potential.