Mile Rock Beach / Moulay Idriss




I wanted to make the crashing wave pop a bit, but still keep as much of the dark sky, as possible, so I took the following steps:

  1. Increased exposure
  2. Sharpened & smoothed just a tad
  3. Increased the darks in the tone curve
  4. Decreased the highlights
  5. Increased temperature & tint (toward pink/orange hue)
  6. Straightened horizon (I think, lol)  and done.




For this shot, I wanted the man and the donkey to be present and in focus, but to also capture the feeling of the long, endless road.  Here was my process:

  1. Cropped right side to make the road feel as centered as possible
  2. Increased exposure
  3. Increased temperature & tint
  4. Increased contrast
  5. Decreased highlights, increased shadows
  6. Increased blacks
  7. Increased vibrance, clarity, & saturation just a bit.
  8. Sharpened a smidge.

To be honest, I am not 100% satisfied with the outcome as I would have liked to keep some of the dark sky in the original, while keeping the bright greenery and bringing the man/donkey into focus.  I thought the graduated filter might help, but I couldn't get a good handle on how it works well enough to get the result I wanted. Also, would have liked to decrease clarity on the sides only without having the whole picture blur.  Is there a way to do focal clarity in Lightroom? 

Overall, I had a lot of fun with this and learned a lot. I am really excited to keep practicing and looking forward to the 2nd Lightroom class.  Thanks, Pei!


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