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John Bradford

Communications Design Student



Mikey Mike's Leafy Greens

For my project, I spontaniously asked my girlfriend to give me a type of food that she buys from a resturant and an animal. She said



Challenge accepted. I knew I didn't want to make a full figure giraffe, as this is a Gestalt exercise. I started by getting some inspiration from other logos and how some designers view giraffes. A lot of minimal work which I am typically a fan of, but ideas were already churning in my head and I knew I wanted to do something a little more illustrative. I started sketching.


Once I had a pretty firm idea of what I wanted, I got the shape settled. I didn't want a detail assult in this logo, so I made sure to use as few points with my pen tool as possible. I didn't want a fill to my giraffe, as I wanted more of an outline that I would work with and the let the viewer put the image together. 



After that I had the idea of making the giraffe's spots out of leafs, like salad. Originally I was just going to put a bold leaf behind the giraffe, but once I had this idea I had to roll with it and fell in love with the results. I came up with three basic leaf shapes, and did the grunt work.


Once I had this I just had to find the perfect typeface, and decided to go with Faith and Glory. I liked this font because I feel it communicates the indy/hip salad craze. I myself am a part of this as recently I seriously cannot get enough chicken ceaser, so the logos of the existing resturants are  clearly working. I also loved this font because it reminds me of Lush and while I do not shop there, my SO does and I love the branding. I had my finished logo!



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