Mikele Act I


  • Mikele stops a thief at a healing clinic.
    • Mikele is assisting a patient
    • Mikele notices a commotion across the room
    • Mikele sees a thief threaten a child
    • Mikele sees the thief's knife vanish
    • The thief runs and Mikele looks down to find the knife in her hand


  • Mikele was belaying her brother when he fell and died, prompting her to want to become a priestess.
    • Mikele shows her brother a trick
    • Mikele throws rocks over a ledge, then they appear in her hand.
    • When they continue harvesting, her brother's rope snaps.
    • Mikele tries to save him, but ends up with only the rope in her hands
    • A priestess comforts Mikele and her family.
    • Mikele finds solace and decides to become a priestess.

Trigger (Crisis)

  • Mikele is unable to stop the high priest from committing murder.
    • Mikele is in a poor section of town at night
    • Mikele sees the high priest come out of a brothel
    • Mikele watches the high priest murder another trainee who saw him.
    • Mikele is unable to save the friend as she had the child in the clinic.