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Mike and Philmore


My story is a modern day setting where a human Mike lives with a monster Philmore. Mike and Philmore met when Philmore tried to scare Mike as a kid. Things didn't go as planned and they became best friends. Now it's years later and Mike is a 26 year old man.

Mike keeps Philmore a secret in fear that people might not understand. Philmore, as a monster, has powers to disguise himself as any inanimate object, no matter how big or small. He's been working with trying to turn into animals and humans but that's a bit tricky for him so he never quite gets the look right. Whenever someone comes by the house Mike tells Philmore to take shape of ordinary furniture or appliances around the house and stay out of sight.

My intent is to turn this into a mini series as opposed to just one story.

I know Philmore looks a lot like Sulley from Pixar's Monster's Inc. For this storyboard I based Philmore's design off of Sulley just to flesh something out for the class. I'm still in the process of designing all the characters, and the whole look of the piece. Any suggestions would be great too! 

This is going to turn into either a 3d animated or moving animatic mini series.


                                                                    Episode #2      


This is an entirely different story from my last one. It's still part of my mini series but this time it's about Mike's dating life. Hope you guys like it!


                                                                    Episode #1      


The story starts with the audience seeing a glimpse into an everyday scenario of the two: Mommy visiting.


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