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Sean Guzman

Freelance Illustrator & Web Design




I am brand new to skill share, after going over the projects I just had to jump into this one first, especially after reading a bit and watching the first few videos! Here is the first stages of my project thus far, I am really trying to push the rendering, new to it on faces and skin:

The start of Miguel, a simple character concept that I didn't have any specific "have to" ideas about. I went with this base, and I did not go to ink, I decided to go right in with some rendering:

At about this point, I saw some more of your videos and decided against the hair for now, your tip on focusing on the skin at the start is very helpful and it has been very helpful!

At this point I have already passed my best digital rendering of skin by doing your class. I used a mixture of brushes, chalk, oil, my skin brush, and my square brush. I used the smudge brush here too. I took out the eyes, which was helpful because it allowed me to focus more on the eye lids themselves. I am going to put the eyes in soon, I think I'll add the hair in the last step. I still have a ways to go here, but this is my so far.

At this stage I noticed he is looking like a certain famous actor (Gooding Jr.), even though I did not use reference. My imagination seemed to go that route. I figured that once I added the hair and edited a few more things I could veer away from that. Loving the results.

Here is my final, I had a little difficulty with the hair. Advice and tips are always appreciated.


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