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Mighty Magnolia

     I have a beautiful, courageous and independent daughter that is nine years old. When I was nine, I was very much the same as her. As time has gone by, the courage, the belief of beauty and independence has fluctuated with the words and actions of people that have floated in and out of my life. I really admire those qualities that this beautiful blessing in my life posesses and I want to help her to cling to those beliefs. So, I am in the midst of creating a website and t-shirt line to help all of the beautiful girls, teens and women remember this innocence and loveliness. I have chosen the name as Mighty Magniloas for several reasons. First the Mighty... the dictionary defines mighty as posessing great power and strength. Fairly encompassing right there, but what about the magnolia?

     As a child growing up in the south (Georgia), Magnolias were abundant. I had a giant one in my front yard that became my refuge through the divorce of my parents, the trials of being a young girl and the development of my adventurous side. On the rare occasion (ha!) that I was in trouble with my mom, I could climb all of the way up to the top of my tower to hide and although she knew where I was, she had lost the courage we all to often lose and would not climb up to wrangle me down. :)

     When I was brainstorming a name that would complete the picture for my vision, the strong symbolism of my childhood immediately popped into my head. Then I decided to throw the meaning of magnoila into Google to see what it meant to the world outside of my head. Here is what I saw: "The magnolia flower has been associated with beauty and preseverance as well as dignity and nobility. Simply put, "Splendid Beauty".

     Bam! Mighty Magnoila was born.

     That is why I am here. To help girls and women of all ages to find their beauty, dignity, nobility and most of all their mighty.

     Now, the journey begins to create something out of this perfect name.


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