Mightier Than The Sword

Pencils of Promise: 

Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School

Audience: Tattoo enthusiasts worldwide

Campaign headline: "Mightier Than The Sword"

Logline: Tattoo enthusiasts can make their mark and strengthen the friendship by dedicating the meaning of their ink along with a donation to PoP.

• The connection that I'm drawing from here is that PoP are making their mark with a simple pencil. A tattooist further's their pencil drawings by committing ink to a person's skin for life. In a way a promise.

Dictionary.com – "Promise: A declaration assuring that one will or will not do something; a vow."
I've taken the word promise to embody the act of being tattooed. Its a declaration, an indication of who I am. A promise to myself and a message to others.

Google Insights

Google Trend Search: "Tattoo"
1. Yearly cyclical trend
2. Interest increasing over time
3. Popular in western developed countries

FILTER: "United States"
1. Popular in the southern states and east and west coasts.
2. Global searches peaks around Jun-Jul (summer in the northern hemisphere)

Google Keyword Tool
Global Monthly search: 55,600,000


People cannot donate blood within 6 months of getting inked. But they can fulfill another need to donate a portion of their money to an equally worthy cause.

'You are eligible to donate 6 months after receiving a tattoo'



Thoughts: Generally speaking people with tattoos will see their ink in 2 ways. Either it has significant meaning to them or it doesn't ("I got it because I thought it was cool at the time")

Excerpt: As modern as they are in method, as personal as they are in meaning, and as far from the designs of indigenous cultures as they may be, they are based on a mode of expression that — in modern times and in the current global culture — was stolen from people who were told their tattooing traditions had to end.





The world's population of all classes, races and income levels are getting tattoed. This is trending each year. Tattoos in Western countries/developed countries are for the most part fairy expensive often exceeding $500+ range. From the tattoo parlour and the person being tattooed, a further donation of a percentage relative to the price of the tattoo goes to PoP. The average donation will either be $25 or $250 depending.


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(Templated format)
Business idea:  Build schools for countries in need.

Brand idea: Support a world with greater educational opportunity for all

Brand Tagline: Mightier Than The Sword

Ad idea: Make Your Mark

Campaign idea: An online collaborative piece where top tattooists worldwide create the world's largest tattoo.

Execution: 400,000 squares as an online tattoo quilt are auctioned off for $25 or more to the highest bidder/clicker. Winner gets the tattoo at high resolution and the top 50 highest bidders get flights to meet and get inked by the tattoo artist to the value of $3000 non transferable.


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