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Midwest Goalie School

Hello! My Name is Nate Ruben, Founder of Ruben Digital Media LLC.

I have taken many Skillshare classes and I now run my own business designing WordPress websites and designing graphics for all sorts of things. You can see more at my website (rubendigitalmedia.com), but I wanted to share something I learned from this class and used on a client's website.

Midwest Goalie School, LLC has been in business since 1982 teaching the youth of the midwest how to become elite hockey goalies. I have the pleasure of working with the new owner to take them into the digital age. Here is a link to the site --> midwestgoalieschool.com. After taking this class, I brought some new skills to my work and developed this graphic:

I used this to showcase the various elite goaltenders who are going to be coaching at a camp. This class taught me the basics of illustrator and got me comfortable with editing and manipulating pre-made EPS files to fit my needs. Here's a picture of some other coaches, this one I made all myself!


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