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Midsummer, Scandinavian fields and the ocean

Hi, I'm very excited to take part of this workshop!

My name is Mathilda and I'm a Swedish designer working in London. I mostly do digital design in my day to day work but am passionate about illustration, modern calligraphy and, of course, patterns! 

Living in London I at times really miss the untouched nature from my childhood in Sweden. The smell, the colours, the calm. Quite naturally I felt myself gravitating towards nature and Scandinavia while ideating around topics for my three pattern themes. 

The three themes I would like to explore are Midsummer night's dream, Scandinavian summer fields and oceanic patterns.

Here are some of the initial sketches and drawings for the three themes. As I am kind of just moving between them when I fwas feeling I had exhausted one topic and kept going on the same papers I can't put individual sketches in under each theme. So apologies for the slight shift in order of the process here! During this part of the process I was strewing them out all over our living room floor (to my my poor boyfriend's dismay!). I'm trying to experiment with different materials to create the motifs and then I will scan them and see how I can combine the analogue with digital. Here are a couple of images:






1. Midsummer night's dream

In summer in Sweden we celebrate Midsummer. Nowadays this usually involves lots of flowers, dancing and eating. But there's an old tradition where you were supposed to pick seven different kinds of flowers and put under your pillow. This would make you dream of the person you would marry. Though most don't take this very seriously anymore I quite like how the innocense and dreamyness of this could play into a pattern in the colours and illustration style.

Descriptive words:  Midsummer, floral, wreath, dream, love, innocence, leaves, grass, light, roses, braids


Here are the motifs and colour palette I have created so far for this collection. As you can see there are some extra that I haven't coloured yet and I have not coorporated all of these into my hero pattern. Hopefully I will use some of them for a second hero pattern or complimentary pattern to round out the collection!


And here is my first hero pattern! 


2. Scandinavian summer fields

A lot of my childhood was spent running around barefoot on the vast fields, smelling the freshly cut grass and watching the flowers and animals. If my first theme will be more innocent, romantic and possibly pastel coloured I feel like this one should be deeper and more vibrant, a bit more powerful.

Descriptive words: Scandinavian, fields, wheat, trail, forest, vast, flat, oasis, paddock, seeds, flowers, tulips


Here are some motifs and the colour palette I have created for this collection. There are some extra motifs here as well that I haven't incorporated in my hero pattern but that I hope to use on other oatterns within this collection. 


And here is the pattern I created. 


3. Oceanic patterns

I've always lived close to the water before moving to London and I got my divers license when I was about 16. There's something about it that has always made me calmer. I like the contrasts about the ocean. It's so peaceful yet very powerful. I'm hoping to bring a lot of contrast and motion to this theme. 

Descriptive words: Ocean, waves, ripples, shells, ropes, magnificent, jetty, vast, powerful, peaceful, contrasts, alive


Here are the motifs and colour palette I have created for this collection. With the three shells on the top right I experimented with bringing in the ink texture to photoshop and importing it into illustrator as a bitmap. I didn't end up using it in this hero pattern but think they might be nice to use for one of the other patterns. I believe they will look best in a large scale and with not too many busy elements surrounding them. 


And here is my first attempt for a hero pattern for this collection. 


Thank you Bonnie for a brilliant workshop! I've really enjoyed the process of working on these patterns. And the setup of the workshop really helped me to keep on track and keep going on them. I feel like I rushed the last two a bit too much but am hoping to get back to them after Easter. And to design more patterns to round out the collections!  


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